Hand Painted Bedroom Furniture In Bramhope, Leeds

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The client had just moved in to their new house and wanted to put their own style to this stunning property in Bramhope.

We had already decorated the whole house and painted the kitchen units. The client was so impressed with the finish we achieved on the units that she asked me if I could do anything with the wardrobes and bedroom furniture.

Painted bedroom furniture Painted bedroom furniture

The furniture had come from some of the bedrooms at their old house so some of it was painted with a distressed look and some of it was pine and a bit tired. But it was all too good to just throw away.

Painted bedroom furniture Painted bedroom furniture

So we set to work, filling where necessary and giving it a really good rub down. Then we gave all the furniture a coat of primer to give it a good key. We then gave it all two coats of eggshell.

Painted bedroom furniture

As you can see from the photos you would’t think it was previously just some old furniture. The client was over the moon with the end result. What was even better was that we saved the client small fortune in having to buy anything new.

If you have some furniture you would like professionally hand painting then give me a call on 07778 867 977.


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