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Original Art By Phil Mitchell

Red Original Art
Original Painting
Flower Original Painting

All the original art for Expressions Art is designed and painted by myself Phil Mitchell, owner of Expressions Interiors, making each piece unique and original.

Having worked in interior design and interior decorating for over 20 years, I have used this experience of using different colours, textures, media and paint effects to create stunning artwork that would complement any interior.

I have been creating abstract, modern and contemporary art for several years now, providing artwork for my clients that we have been decorating for. Now I am offering this service to a wider audience .

This is were the fun begins…

Would you like a stunning piece of original art created specially for you?

This is a really bespoke service. I will come to your home or business, take a look at your space and pick some colours to complement your interior using the accent colours from the room and add a few more colours to the mix. Alternatively, if you have plain white or pale coloured walls I can bring life to any room by going wild and adding bright and funky colours to your piece of art.

I will bring some pieces of artwork with me to show you how different textures and colours work. I will then measure up the right size of canvas for the area of wall you have and you can look at the different styles of artwork and see what you like and what works in the room.

Once you are happy and I have all the information I need I will get started on your commission. Within a couple of weeks I will arrange a date with you for me to deliver your new piece of art and hang it for you. How is that for good old fashioned service?

Interior Designers and Architects

I can provide the same service for all you interior designers and architects out there.

We can make an appointment to meet at your convenience. I would take a look at your colour schemes and mood boards and bring some pieces of art to show you the different styles that I create. You can then pick texture, style, colours and size of canvas needed for that room. Once we are both happy, I will have your pieces of original art ready for when you dress your client’s room.

The beauty of the service I provide is that there is no leg work going round art galleries or trawling the internet looking for artwork, not being quite sure if the piece you buy will look right in your room. All the the hard work is taken away with absolutely no hassle and just a stress-free experience with the gallery coming to you.

Please get in touch using the contact form here or give me a call on 07778 867 977.

Original Painting
Original Artwork
Original Art
Expressions Original Art
Expressions Art
Original Artwork